In the last few years, we have been promoting the idea of self-sustainment for the Home of Hope, especially as we look to the future. Yes, our sponsors are faithful in their giving and we appreciate that so much. Yet, there are some needs (cost of living increases, medical, maintenance, etc.) that don’t fall within the income used for our kids care & education. We have begun and continue looking into various income generating projects that will help this ministry continue for long term well after we are gone.

One future income source is to create a “Certificate of Deposit” (CD) that will gain interest. The first year is 4% but for longer terms, the interest is more. It would be in the name of the Home of Hope, so only the Ministry Team could access this. The first CD we would like to create is to manage the cost of living that continues to rise for our staff. Would you prayerfully consider giving towards an investment CD program that would incur interest annually to strengthen the future of the Home of Hope?

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Rhonda Jenkins
Springfield, MO
Larry & Tina Lewis
Topeka, KS
Larry & Tina Lewis
Topeka, KS
Debra Esther Hao