Khunfoima Tripura

Age 7

Birthday 2017-05-25

Gender Female

My Life I lived in a bamboo hut in a part of Bangladesh that is very poor, undeveloped, and uneducated. Our water supply was from the river and kerosene lamps were our light source. My father died and my mother was struggling to provide for me, so I was brought to the Home of Hope. I am a happy, quiet girl who is polite. My favorite subject in school is English. In my free time, I enjoy playing with dolls. My favorite color is red and my favorite foods are eggs and fish.

Sponsorship involves two elements: Home Life ($40/month) provides all of a child's daily needs, including food, clothing, healthcare, home, and Christian caregivers. Academic ($25/month) includes school supplies, tuition, uniform, and instruction provided by Christian teachers.

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