Hope Generation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Christian organization setup with a focus to raise a generation to serve God in Bangladesh through the following ministries:

Hope Generation is overseen by the following:

Leadership Team


Sharon Smith


Sharon Smith, wife of Larry, mother of three, and grandma of seven, has lived and served in Bangladesh since 1979. She and Larry, as a result of a God's direction, founded the Home of Hope, Hope Mission School, and the Discipleship Campus ministries.  Her other ministries have included serving as principal and founding member of two mission schools, assisting with national church ministries/activities, and sitting on numerous ministry boards.  She serves on the advisory teams for the Home of Hope, Hope Mission School, H.E.A.R.T., and CrossPoint.  Raising up a generation to serve God is Sharon’s passion.



Elaine Pardee


Elaine Pardee and her husband, Rick, have lived and served at the Home of Hope since Elaine's early retirement in 2013. Elaine was a teacher & Science department head where she was awarded WRHS Educator of Excellence, 2009 Siemens Advanced Placement Award, and 2013 State Finalist for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science. Elaine has four daughters and seven grandchildren and now many more "grandchildren" to pour her life into  at the Home of Hope. She serves on the advisory teams for the Home of Hope and Hope Mission School. Helping to raise well educated children to serve God is Elaine's passion.



Heather Rostocil

Project Liaison

Heather Rostocil grew up in Bangladesh as the daughter of Sharon & Larry Smith. She currently lives in Redding, California, where she and her husband, Brad, live with their four kids. Heather is a stay-at-home mom who homeschools as well as helps coordinate Hope Generation responsibilities between the U.S. and Bangladesh. Even though she is half a world away, Heather enjoys being able to serve as a bridge and help to fulfill the mission of Hope Generation.


Local Team

The following local staff serves in each of these ministries that Hope Generation partners with:

Home of Hope Caregivers


This team is responsible for the care, love, and mentorship of our Home of Hope children.

Hope Mission School Staff


These teachers provide an education to our Home of Hope children, as well as children in the local community.

Home of Hope Support Staff


Our support staff include those who are responsible for dining, purchasing, vehicle use, facilities and grounds maintenance, chicken farm, fruit and vegetable gardens, accounts, and Hope Generation liaison.

HOH Management


This team takes on the responsibility of daily office work and financial responsibilities in providing for our children.

Campus Management


The education and leadership skills our Campus students need to be effective, godly leaders is provided by our Campus Management.


Hope Generation originally began as a non-profit organization focused on a broad plan to assist ministries in Bangladesh. Through the years, it has refined its focus to that of raising a generation to serve God.

Home of Hope

In 1991, following an incident where God revealed a need to provide a home for children in crisis, the Home of Hope opened its doors to homeless children who were on a path of being trafficked and/or living in abuse, want, or neglect. Our goal from the beginning was not to simply provide a safe refuge, but to take children out of the worst circumstances and provide the best home and life skills in order to effectively raise a generation to serve God. Since its inception, hundreds of children have found shelter, love and God in our Home. Some have gone on to ministry, while others are serving as a witness through vocational skills and education, of which the Home of Hope provided their foundation. Currently, the majority of our Home leadership is comprised of our own children who have grown up, completed their higher education, and returned to minister to children like themselves.

Hope Mission School

Since the Home of Hope was first started, we have provided an education for our children. Initially, they attended the Assemblies of God Church school close to our first facility. When we moved to our new campus, we were able to have a teacher come and provide the education needed for the kids, who were small at the time. As the kids grew and our Home grew, so did the need for a school building, more teachers, and classes through high school. We now have 14 Christian teachers impacting our kids’ lives daily from the entry level (3+ years) until graduation (18 yrs). We’ve grown to 13 classrooms, a science lab, computer lab, library and offices.

The Campus

For 23 years the A/G did not have a formal Bible College. In 1985 the ministerial training program began which evolved into a formal Bible College and University. Over the last few years, many of our Home of Hope children, after graduating from our Hope Mission School, have gone on to The Campus for ministry preparation.

Where We’re Headed

  • Take in 20 new children annually in Home of Hope and 25 students to H.E.A.R.T.
  • Expand micro-enterprise projects to provide self-sustainment 
  • Solar energy

Your partnership helps raise a generation to serve God in Bangladesh.

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