“Aunty, will my sponsor come?”

We have heard that question time and time again. Some of you have been able to make that wish come true. For the rest, we explain to the kids, “Your sponsor loves you so much that they choose to support your life here.”

Some of the most rewarding moments we’ve witnessed are when sponsors meet their child and see what they have invested in over the years. We’d love for that to happen and it would be an unforgettable time for both of you. Yes, we’re on the other side of the world, but what a great way to see the world! Yes, we are a developing country, but Bangladesh has a beauty all its own: its people who appreciate every simple kindness that is extended to them.

We’ve had individuals visit, medical teams, building teams, teacher’s training teams, agricultural training teams, parent’s training teams, sports training teams—even grandparent teams!  If you’d like our assistance in planning such a visit, please fill out the form below.

Your partnership helps raise a generation to serve God in Bangladesh.

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