Bangladesh…the thought that comes to the minds of many when they hear “Bangladesh” is devastating disasters, over-population, and extreme poverty. Listed by the U.N. as a Least Developed Country (defined as a country with deep poverty, underdevelopment, weak human resources and economic vulnerability), it is often thought of as a place with no hope. Though these descriptors may exist, when faced with such challenging obstacles, we may choose hope or despair. We choose hope! Actually, God chose hope for Bangladesh as He calls us to minister here. So, why not focus on one of the most challenging countries and make a change from the inside through raising a generation!

For a quarter century, Hope Generation has ministered to this part of the world. Despite the overwhelming odds, Hope Generation has carried this mandate: if there hasn’t been a generation who has served God, why not raise one up?

Together we are accomplishing this through ministries such as:

  • The Home of Hope: a Christian ministry of compassion that takes in orphaned, unwanted, or homeless children from among the poorest of the poor in Bangladesh.
  • Hope Mission School: a primary & high school that meets the formal educational needs of our Home of Hope children.
  • The Campus: our Christian higher education program which includes H.E.A.R.T. and CrossPoint.

Will you consider being a part of raising up a generation that serves God in Bangladesh?


Bangladesh at a Glance

  • Population: 168 million (approximately 3,000 people per square mile)
  • Size of Iowa, but has approximately half the U.S. population
  • Located in southern Asia, near India
  • Religion: Islam (91%), Hinduism (8%), Buddhism/Christianity/other (1%)
  • Developing country with average yearly income of approximately $2,800


Your partnership helps raise a generation to serve God in Bangladesh.

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